About us

TPN – Where all voices are heard

The True Patriot Network (TPN) was founded in 2021 as a no judgment, free speech, uncensored social media company that replaces big tech and allows individuals from all sides to share their true passions, feelings, and lives.

With so many companies competing with popular censored social networks, TPN is positioning itself as the new alternative to Facebook.

TPN is an invitation only platform that values privacy and security.

TPN Does
  • Store your data in secure, private servers
  • Value faith, family, free enterprise and freedom of speech
  • Encourage conversations and opinions from all sides

Does NOT
  • Does not manipulate, filter, censor or change the order of your newsfeeds.
  • Does not force anyone to receive targeted third-party advertisements or    targeted third-party content
  • Does not sell your personal information to anyone. You own it

Entrepreneurs and families finally have a space to express themselves and create meaningful conversations with like minded individuals who value faith, freedom of speech, and free enterprise.

Download the TPN app here and be an early part of the major growth coming in 2022.

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